Dear producers of Joinery

S.C. Nicoplast S.R.L. comes to meet your needs with PVC or aluminum profiles curvature services.

We also offer:

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT and ADVICE in order to obtain the most accurate rates and patterns. We answer to the special challenges you bring, offering you various solutions.
  • MATERIAL PURCHASE from one of the specific profiles deposits available in Timisoara:
    • ALUMIL (aluminum)
    • CORTIZO (aluminum)
    • EXTRUPLAST (pvc)
    • PROFILCO (aluminum & pvc)
    • RAMPLAST (pvc)
    • TERAPLAST (pvc)
    • VIVA PLAST (pvc)
    • WEISS (pvc)

Technical Information for curving PVC profiles.
Technical Information for curving aluminium profiles.